Welcome to Emanuel High Church


United Church of ChristWe are a historic church founded in 1817. In 1957, we joined the United Church of Christ, a denomination of self-governing congregations which profess Jesus as Lord.

Our purpose is to strengthen faith and discipleship in Christ; for in Him we have found joy, meaning, and inner peace. Our Sunday morning worship is filled with joyful songs of praise, heartfelt prayer, and a clear, uplifting message based on the Bible.

We invite you to join us as we seek a deeper knowledge of God's truth, and commit ourselves to walking in all God's ways.

Mission Statement

UCC Statement of Faith


Emanuel United Church of Christ
16 Eastern Rd.
Doylestown, OH 44230
(330) 658-2301

Rev. Gaye Santoro, Pastor

Sunday Worship: 10:30 am

Office hours: Tuesday - Thursday   9 am - noon

Pastor's office hours: Tuesday - Thursday   10 am - 1 pm